About Gida

Founded in 1960 by Gilbert DEYBACH, the family owned business started in Gundolsheim in the family property.

In 2001, Gida moved to the actual industrial facility in Wittenheim aligned and in conformity with the latest food standards.

The company has a modern and flexible production equipment and can offer a large range of sweets:

  • Aerated candies
  • Marshmallows
  • Jellies
  • Acacia gum pastilles
  • Organic confectioneries...

Gida is able to develop products that meet your specifications in order to reach a unique product, with your own packaging.

Gida : flexibility and experience
serving our customers !

Gida's sweets are distributed to wholesalers, specialized stores, supermarkets, food processing industries, laboratories, in France as well as abroad.